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  12 inches AMOLED Display
Product Feature: Forming OLED pixels on TFT backplane;Using TFT IC cruit to control the emmiting of every pixel
Application Fields: Display, audio and video products
Display Performance: Full-colored,big&medium size
Technology:LTPS AMOLED

Pixel: 0.201×0.201

PPI: 1280×RGB×800(126PPI)
Display area size(mm): 257.28×160.8

Display Dimensions(mm):289.87×181×1.8
Color depth: 16.7M
Luminance (candela per square meter): 300
Contrast: 10000:1
Gamut: 73.4%NTSC

Viewing angle (up / down / left / right): 90/90/90/90
Main applications: display, audio and video products